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Inspired by true events...


Losses send a woman’s soul into its darkest winter...


Maria has cared for her very ill mother for many years. Her burdens are heavy, causing a sadness bordering on darkness.  When she discovers her historic barn is now home to a mother cat and kittens, she feels lighter than she has in years. As the kittens grow, they teach her as only animals can do.

Then tragedy strikes. As Maria loses her family, the darkness envelopes her like the heavy fog that blankets her Blue Ridge Mountain home each morning. She creates a scorecard:  God: 9,  Maria: 0.  Her questions turn into anger at God.  She searches to find answers as to why her loving God would take away so much in such a short time.


How will she learn to trust again? Can the kittens in her barn help her heal?  


Available March 14, 2017

$10.95, 6x9 paperback

Christian Fiction (FIC042000) / Christian Life-Death, Grief, Bereavement (REL012010)

Print ISBN 978-1-939844-21-7 eBook ISBN 978-1-939844-22-4

Books can be purchased at Alta Vista Gallery, 2839 Broadstone Road, Valle Crucis, NC 28691.

Books can be ordered by e-mailing Maria from this website, or from Dancing Lemur Press, or from Amazon.


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